This service has been put in place to facilitate submissions of video evidence relating to driving incidents that members of the public have witnessed. If the footage you wish to send us involves a vehicle collision, please do not continue further and please use the below link to complete the correct form.

A matter involving driving, vehicles or a road traffic incident | Gloucestershire Constabulary

To continue submit evidence of a road traffic offence, please complete the form below and upload your footage to us.

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Important Information

Completing this online form will produce a statement that could form part of a prosecution case. By making this report, you understand that you may be required to attend court to confirm the information you give. The police will be able to support you through this process. Please note that not all cases will be heard in court and most cases are resolved before this is necessary. *(Required)


Your details

Your address and contact details are recorded separately and this personal information is protected and will not be disclosed to the other person or their solicitor. Also, witnesses are not usually asked to give their address out loud in court. The defendant or his or her solicitor is normally told the name of any witnesses.


Please be as accurate as possible to help identify the exact location e.g. East Street near to the junction with Abbey Road, Newtown. If the location is in the countryside, please identify the road number or name and a nearby landmark e.g. “B8899 approximately ½ mile from Newtown Cross.

Do you know the driver or rider of the other vehicle?(Required)

When viewed, does the footage you have recorded display the time? Choose ‘Yes’ if the recorded footage shows either the date, the time or both the date and time.(Required)
Some devices automatically record the date and time with your footage. If the device wasn’t set up before use then the time shown on the recorded footage will not be accurate. Please choose one of the following statements:

Upload your supporting files

DO NOT alter the footage before uploading, this includes adding voice overs or adding inline comments.

Footage uploaded MUST be raw original footage, with NO EDITING of any kind.

DO NOT post the footage on social media – if you have done so, please remove it. DO NOT delete the footage from your device.

AT LEAST two minutes of unedited footage, both before and after the reported incident MUST be included, so Police Prosecutor can assess the whole incident.

Please do not upload files names with insulting words, we will not be able to process them.

If you have any issues with completing this form, support can be contacted to assist. Please click here to contact support.

Drop files here

Please be aware that your device may have recorded you and that the actions of all parties will be reviewed and action taken as appropriate.
The release of my Contact Details For Civil Litigation Purposes(Required)
Permission for the CCTV/Dash Cam video footage to be disclosed for civil litigation purposes.(Required)
The release of my Witness Statement and/or exhibits In their entirety.(Required)